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Thrillbilly Stomp  have played major festivals, bushdances, pubs, clubs, country halls, weddings and all kinds of events .

Being accordion and guitar based we have been greatly influenced by music in which these instruments are prominent such as Celtic, Cajun, Zydeco and Bluegrass.


We are in no way purests in these styles but rather use these styles to inform and inspire us to create a sound that is unique, infectious, fun and uplifting.


We believe or rather we know that music is a great way of bringing communities together and it is not uncommon to see the dance floor being shared by little kids, teenagers, young adults, mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas and even great grandmas and great grandpas at a Thrillbilly Stomp gig.


We are based in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of N.S.W. Australia and travel near and far to perform. Feel free to contact us any time and by the way


 Have a great day. 

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